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The extra care you took on this house was exceptional, as it was a zero lot line residence.
-Col. Thomas Ed Hayes USMC (RET)
Dallas, TX
-Thomas Ed Hayes
"Care and Professionalism..."
There was such a degree of care and professionalism that we have told all our friends of the quality work your roofing company produces.
-Steve & Lee Ann Jablonski
Coppell, TX
-Steve & Lee Ann Jablonski
"Well Beyond..."
The professionalism you and your roofing company extended went well beyond anything we have ever experienced before.
-Jerry & Sheila O'Pry
Irving, TX
-Jerry & Sheila O'Pry
"First Class..."
The men doing the work on our roof were professional, friendly, and courteous. All questions were answered quickly and the job seems first class.
-John Taylor
Coppell, TX
-John Taylor
"Courteous and Friendly..."
It isn't often that a roofing contractor and his employees promise to appear on a schedule and keep appointments so effectively. Their courteous and friendly behavior is to be commended.
-Dan Mangieri
Houston, TX
-Dan Mangieri
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With Recent Storms, You May Not Be Aware Of Roof Damage

There have recently been several storms in Texas and you may actually have damage to your roof and not even realize it. That is because sometimes the damage won’t be noticeable from below or you may simply not have the knowledge and experience to see it. It’s important to remember that your roof is crucial to the health of your building, whether or it is a home or a business property. Every year there are storms that bring high winds and hail to the area and this can weaken your roof, shortening its life span or causing larger issues later on.


Storm Damage Assessment

You may not have leaks at the moment but that doesn’t mean that your roof is in great shape. The great news is that most of the time your homeowner’s insurance will fix any issues that are due to storm damage. The experts on our team know the most common problems caused by storms so we can easily take a look and tell you what repairs need to be made and whether or not you will qualify to have the damage covered under your insurance.shape. It is possible that you have storm damage, even significant storm damage, with no leaks. If you want to prevent future problems, you should take the step and have an assessment done.


We have dealt with both adjusters and insurance companies for years and because of that we know what they will cover and what they won’t. This means that if you choose to work with us, you won’t only get quality roofing repairs, but you will also get help with your insurance claims process. We want you to be sure that you receive the money you deserve. You shouldn’t be concerned about filing a claim due to storm damage. Your insurance company isn’t allowed to increase your rates simply because you make a claim for storm damage and they can’t non-renew or cancel your policy because of it. Whether or not you make a claim, your rates may fluctuate so there is nothing to lose.

If you want to learn more about your rights according to the Texas Department of Insurance.

Even if your insurance company already approved your claim for the storm damaged roof, our team of Insurance Claim Specialists can help make sure their estimate is fair.

No matter where you are we will always go the extra mile to make sure that we watch the details. We offer free estimates for roofs damaged by hail in the Mid-Cities.



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