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Top Ten Questions to Ask Before Hiring Any Contractor Part 1

Hiring a contractor to work in your home can be overwhelming whether it is a roofer, a painter or even a handyman.  CLC Roofing knows that you want reliable and safe people working in your home so we have complied a list of questions to help you when looking for any contractor.


  1. How long have you been in business? Don’t just take the contractor’s word for it.  Do some detective work by looking at their business card for a physical address.  Ask for two of the earliest references and follow up with these references to see if they delivered what they promised.
  2. Are you Licensed and Registered with the State? A reputable contractor will be licensed and registered. If you have any doubts, be sure to check with your State’s office.  CLC Roofing prides themselves on being licensed and registered with the state of Texas and in the cities of Coppell and Dallas.
  3. Do you carry insurance? You would be surprised at the number of contractors who don’t carry the minimum amount of insurance.  Ask to see their policy and educate yourself on what the minimum required is.
  4. Will there be a permit required for my job? Many cities require permits before work can be done on a residence.  Permits generally cost an extra fee, and it is important that you are clear on what is required.  Find out from the contractor how permits will be handled.
  5. Does your work or materials come with any warranties? Be sure that you have a clear understanding on what will void any warranties offered.  Also, be sure to find out specifically what is covered and what is not.  For instance, shingles may be covered but decking is not.  Also find out what could void the warranty such as improper use of an appliance or improper installation or excessive wear and tear.


Stay tuned for Part Two of our post and remember you have the right to be an informed consumer.  CLC Roofing will help you every step of the way.  The Customer is always right at CLC Roofing!

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